Let us handle everything after your construction project is done

Quality Post construction cleaning services made especially for you that are prepared with responsibility.

Our Post construction Cleaning

It’s discouraging to go through a construction project with stressful situations and still have unpleasant surprises with cleaning services, right? Cleaning after construction consists of deep cleaning services that remove all kinds of dust, dirt, stains, excess paint, cement, silicone, glue, and other substances. Our professionals are trained to get your house ready, without delay and without any inconvenience.

Guaranteed cleanliness

Ellen Bright Cleaning is much more than a cleaning company, we’re specialists and guarantee that your house will be in perfect conditions once again so you can enjoy it with your family. Don’t waste your time, let us handle the heavy stuff.

Benefits of Post Construction Cleaning

Residue removal

Paint stain removal

The preparation of a clean and pleasant environment for you and your family

We clean and organize for you. Click on the button below and enjoy life with your family

Advantages of hiring our services:

Fair pricing

Tell us about your house and your needs

Clean house

We'll make your house shine and do the tasks you wish

Smile, sit back and relax

The house is clean and domestic chore are done. Enjoy!

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Cleaning company with organization, quality, and speed for you and your family to enjoy your free time with a clean and organized home. Our high-quality professionals won’t let you down when you really need them: we work responsibly to keep your home beautiful and bright.

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